Daily word

GM. “…I will bless…” (Ps., 34:1-3). If Jesus is to remain in our lives we must let Him know that we want Him there “…if ye love Me…” (John 14:15). Amen

Daily Word 7/15/14

GM. “…when ye pray…” (Mark 11:22-26). There’s power in prayer! Our troubles can easily cause us to want to begin to doubt, but “…lift up your…”  why? Because your help comes from The Lord. (Ps., 121:1-8)

Daily Word 7/8/14

GM. “…do I put my trust…” (Psalm 71:1-24). Our lives are to be consecrated to God. In everything we do we must be willing for God to use as He chooses. Then we can say “…let the words of…” (Psalm 18:14).


Have a blessed Day!

The First Edition

Hello Neighbor,

I am Pastor Chris Green Sr. I preside over the congregation located right here in our neighborhood, The Church of God. We’re located
at 116 S. Wayne. The Church has stood here on this corner since 1924 and like our neighborhood
has seen many changes. Our congregation was founded by residents that once lived right here on
the streets of Wayne, Oakley, Highland, and Eureka. Through the years we’ve served the
community in various capacities including missionary work, monthly food pantries and
summer cookouts. Our mission here at The Church of God is to be a light set on a hill for all
that seek to worship, teach, and grow in the knowledge of God. This year our ministry has lead us to a new form
of giving to the neighborhood. Starting with this First newsletter our Media ministry will work with
the neighbors and community to publish a monthly newsletter. Our initial focus area will be
the streets of S. Wayne and S. Oakley from W. Broad to Sullivant Ave. The Newsletter will focus
on issues, events, and stories on things that are happening and affecting our neighborhood in a
family friendly way. We extend an invitation to the neighborhood to become involved and
contribute to the newsletter. We invite each and every neighbor out to join us on Sunday and
Wednesday for services. We hope that this Newsletter will be informative, educational,
and inspirational to each and every household in our neighborhood.

May God bless you and your children,

Pastor Christopher M. Green Sr.

Pastor Christopher M Green Sr., First Lady Michelle Green

Pastor Christopher M Green Sr., & wife Michelle Green


Daily Word 7/6/2014

GM. “…by Him actions are weighed…” (1 Sam., 2:3). Since the God of knowledge knows all things He will judge us according to our words “…let the…” (Ps., 19:14). Amen

Have a blessed day!